This will be one of those posts when I write in English. Now you're thinking "NO SHIT!". Okey, but yeah. Just so you know !

There hasn't been much going on today. I wonder why Sundays are so boring. You got like nothing to do on a Sunday. Okey, maybe it's because all the stores in town are closed and just a few have work. Sundays are only good for one thing; you get to sleep a lot. That's my opinion :)
What have I done today? Well when I got up from my bed, I took my camera and took some photos of the sunrise. They weren't so good but there's one pic^.
I have no idea what I should do today, maybe clean up a little.... there's chaos in my room. But this is really not interesting. Tomorrow though I get to return to school. After one week of illness. I have to admit, it feels good. I got only one lesson tomorrow but I really have to go there cause I've been so much away. But I get to see my friends ! That's probably the best thing in travelling by bus 80km a day :))
Now I'm going put some normal clothes on and start cleaning !

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