Hiding From The World

Trying Not To Love You.

I've calmed down now. Though I don't think my hair is pretty. I'm seriously never ever ever ever ever ever again gonna let somebody else touch my hair.
But it feels pretty good today. Tomorrow I'm off to Tampere, shopping may help my regret. I hope I'll find some stuff that makes my hair look good in some way. Then I'm going to buy the tunnels for my ears :) Can't wait.
It feels really akward atm when our dog is just sitting and starring at me.. :') Cutie.
Then later this week my family is going to the Finnish Lapland so they get to ski. I'm going to be alone at home the rest of the weeeeeek, mmhmhmhmhmh<3 It'll be fun with some friends coming over and stuff :)
Well I'll blog something else later :) Bye !



It was a big mistake to go to the hairdresser. I want my old hair back ! It was nearly perfect compared to this. This is awful. I just wanna hide and never see daylight again.


200 posts !

So this is my 200 post ! It's Sunday today, they're usually boring but the day has been so far pretty nice :) The wheather is for once awesome ! Sunshine :)

Our dog Madde<3


Had a little photoshoot with my friend Johanna ! It was fun !

Photos by: Julia Rahikka



Okey, it's been pretty quiet around here. But it hasn't happened a lot. No school for 10 days. What am I supposed to do now? :D Well, on Monday I'm going to the hairdresser, and on Wednesday I'm going to Tampere with my friend Johanna, shoppiiing. The I get to buy my 10mm tunnels for my ears :) Can't wait. Then some other stuff I need. Today I'm going with my mom, siblings, grandma & grandad to a restaurant called Tex Mex Pedrina's :) They have really good food over there ! Then later this week I guess my friends from Pietarsaari are coming over (: And then I'm going to sleep 8) It's like the most common thing people do on holidays :')



This is how I feel like atm:

Fuck you ↑ you ↖ you ↗ you ↙ you → you ↓ you ↩ you ↪ you ↬ you ↫ you ↪ you ↩ you ↲ you ↯ you ↱ you ↰ you ↷ you ↳ you ↶ you ↴ you ↵ and you ↺..


When you have nothing to do.

Blind Faith.

Let The Good Times Rock.

I'm really bored, in school. I've done all the projects that were needed to be done. I'm just waiting for the clock to be 14:30, that's when my last lesson begins. 1 hour to go. One presentation about Taj Mahal, one presentation about my hometown Kokkola, one "fashionboard" with 5 different themes.. It may sound like it's not much but it's hard :'D. Just sitting here listening to EUROPE. It was a long time ago. Today I'm getting a new bed, FINALLY. Then I'm gonna go out and take some photos (: But you'll see them later !

If you don't recognize Europe by Final Countdown, then you really don't know anything about Swedish rockbands !



My Monday has been pretty good. I didn't have school but went there anyway to get some projects done. Then after "school" I went on coffee with some of my friends, it was nice. Then one of them drove me to the bus-station and then I sat in the bus for one hour, when I got home I went through every single paper I've got from school this year. THAT WAS A LOT. Then my friend, Johanna, came over and I cut her hair. She liked it (: So I've done pretty much today, not big things, but important things. Now I'm gonna go to sleep so I'm not going to oversleep tomorrow, cause it's Tuesday..




Sunday's are usually boring, so there's not that much to say about today. I did some photographing and I've only been editing some photos right now. I gave my mobilephone a new look also :') That's what happens when you're bored. I have no school tomorrow, but I'm going there anyway to catch up with some projects that are going on right now, I have atleast 3 things I have to be ready with. But now I was thinking about cleaning my room a bit now. CHAAAOOOOOS.

My phone 8)


Wanna do something.

I just hate these kind of weekends. And atm, this is the only kind of weekends I have. Sitting home, alone. Nothing to do. I never have anything to do. I WANNA DO SOMETHING. Though I've been invited to a few places, but that's so far way from Kokkola so I can't go.. depressing. I wish I would live somewhere else, I'm so tired of being and living here. Seriously.



Few changes.

Because I noticed there's readers "all over the world", I'm going to write in English(again) from now on. Though you people can comment and write to me in English, Swedish or Finnish :) Sometimes there can be some posts in Swedish, but that's just because my English skills aren't that good (:



Atm we have a project in school, about future fashion. We have different themes, and when all the ideas "are finished" we will start making the clothes by ourself. So it's going to be really exciting! One of these themes are PROTEST, which is a combination of punk, leather, dirt, studs, graffiti and safety pins. Awesomeness. So I Googled studs and leatherjackets and stuff like that. And I found so much I want for myself!
The other themes were called "Supersport" "Pure" "Upstairs & Downstairs" "Orange" and last but not least "Future Perfect".


Then I was thinking that it's about time I should cut my hair, or do something to it !
But I don't know how I should cut it : ( If someone have some suggestions I wanna know!
I'm going to keep my red hair, but it's a new haircut I need ! So help C:
Please. Comment something and you can add a picture :>



As I Lay Dying - Electric Eye

Now I'm gonna go and color/colour(help?) my hair :)


"Been smiling the whole day".

So it's been Valentine's Day today. Though I'm single, and it didn't really happen anything special, I had some great moments ! And I've been smiling the whole day. I'm really happy over that I got some great friends and they really have proved that they care !
Without them I would have that lonely feeling, when you don't have anybody.. when you feel completely alone. Of course I've thought about it today also, but as I said, I've been smiling the whole day.
About my day then, well, I overslept, AGAIN. Every f*ckin' Tuesday, I don't get it. I only do that on Tuesdays. There must be something wrong with me.
Well, when I came an hour too late we had the press to come over to our school. They wanted to interview us about the upcoming Culture Club-season. They who don't about Culture Club can read about it here in Swedish, English or Finnish :)
Than I had 3 hours off, had no classes before 14:30, okey. I didn't go to the last lesson. I just wanted to go home and sleep. Lazyyyyyy :D Well yeah.
After school I slept, woho. Then I woke up at 17:30 and about an half hour later I was supposed to meet my friend in Kokkola city and we went to a local pizzeria. It was really nice! Had fun.
And then I got 2 Valentine's Day.gifts. If I'm not counting hugs.. :)

I didn't want it pink because it looks stupid with my red hair, but it's okey ! :) And I don't know why the picture is that way.. but it will remain that way :')
And now I'm thinking about going to sleep, agaaaain. I'm really really really tired. So goodnight people !

Once again ! I hope you all had a very fun Valentine's Day !

Valentine's Day.

So just wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day ! (:

I'm about to post something else later today ! (:


Something in English.

I haven't written anything in English for a while. So. Here it goes.
This weekend has been pretty boring, I got so much to do, I mean homework and stuff. There's a lot going in school right now so. So I'm sitting in my bed, in the middle of my books, pens, my camera, computer, papers, yeah, everything ! It's total chaos in here. But you're allowed to have a little bit of chaos now and then : > It's pretty normal in my life so.
Well, I guess I have to continue finishing my homework.
Have a great night everybody !

Playing with my camera.

Quick updating.

Orkar inte skriva nåt. Va elak ja e. Men jo, GODNATT.


The day has been good, good.

Har egentligen varit en helt normal dag idag, missade dock bussen på morgonen, once again ! Bra Julia ! Men skyller bara på en uppsats vi skulle skriva i finskan för att det tog så jävla länge att få den bra. Så sov 3-4 timmar förra natten. Så börjar bli ganska så trött just nu. Fick ett annat skolprojekt klart också nu. Blev inte nöjd, men det var allt jag hann med idag så det får vara som det är. Imorgon är det freeeedag ! Och en evig väntan på bussen efter skolan igen. Så kommer troligen blogga då :)))))). Men nu ska jag ta och städa undan efter allt limmande och pysslande ! Sen blir det att krypa under täcket och se någo söta drömmar :>



Har varit en helt okej dag idag. Har haft kul i alla fall. Just nu sitter jag och skriver en uppsats på finska, jobbigt, skulle inte orka. Som tur behövs bara 150-250 ord så det är inget större problem. Problemet är att man ska berätta om hur Finland är bättre än nått annat land, och saken är ju så att det är inte bättre här än någon annanstans egentligen. Svårt att berätta om något orealistiskt :') Har också varit mycket confusion på gång här idag. Som också var väldigt oväntat ! Life is full of surprises.


En liten översättning.

Istun hiljaa, ajatukset vievät minut pois.                                         Jag sitter tyst, tankarna för mig bort.
Vaikeroiden hengitän ja nään                                                            Har svårt att andas när jag ser
Hymysi, kun katsoit minuun viimeistä kertaa.                                ditt leénde, när du såg på mig sista gången
Antaisin mun sydämestä kaiken.                                                      Jag skulle ge allt för mitt hjärtä
Onko vielä aikaa?                                                                                 Finns det tid än?

En tiedä, missä meet.                                                                           Jag vet ej var du är
Haaveet kadonneet,                                                                            Drömmarna försvunna
Mä tarviin sua niin.                                                                             Jag behöver dig så
Jätit syvyyksiin,                                                                                  Du lämnade mig här
Sä elämäni teit                                                                                      Du gjorde mitt liv
Ja kaiken multa veit.                                                                            sen tog du allt bort från mig.
Ootanko mä turhaan,                                                                          Väntar jag i onödan,
Vai onko vielä aikaa?                                                                          Eller finns det tid än?

Varjelen sun päiväkirjaa,                                                                    Jag vaktar din dagbok,
Pöly peittää kansikuvan.                                                                   dammet täcker omslaget.
Avainkin on kadoksissa, en löydä sitä mistään.                            Nyckeln är också borta, hittar den ingenstans.
Suojelen kuin enkeli sun muistoja mielessäni,                               Jag skyddar minnen utav dig som en ängel
Kyynelillä pahat henget poistan.                                                     Med mina tårar försvinner alla onda andar
Onko vielä aikaa?                                                                                Finns det tid än?

Ehkä joskus vielä kahdestaan...                                                       Kanske ännu en gång vi två...
Jospa kaikki löytyy uudestaan...                                                     Om allt hittas igen...

En tiedä, missä meet.                                                                         Jag vet ej var du är
Mä tarviin sua niin.                                                                           Jag behöver dig så
Jätit syvyyksiin,                                                                                 Du lämnade mig här,
Sä elämäni teit                                                                                     Du gjorde mitt liv
Ja kaiken multa veit.                                                                           Och tog allt bort från mig
Ootanko mä turhaan?                                                                        Väntar jag i onödan?

Varför jag valde att översätta just den här låten är för att texten slog mig på morgonen. Började tänka på den tiden jag verkligen var lycklig. Jag hade aldrig kännt en sådan lycka förut. Dock själva låten och musikstilen är inget jag brukar normalt lyssna på.



BTW congratulations to Dead by April ! They are in the Swedish Eurovision final !! I WANNA SEE THEM LIVEEEE.

Open doors at Optima.

I told you earlier what "Open Doors" was, so here's some pictures of my day !
Tekla & me in our sexy pants ! :'D

Tekla, our drag queen and diva Tobias, Daniela and me.

Tekla, Tobias, me & Fatma.

Yeaaah, me, Tekla & Fatma.

Tekla with her poses !

Irkku & Fatma painting.

Daniela with her beautiful make-up !

The day was pretty nice, though I'm really really really really really tired right now ! But now I'm going to party with my friend ! Byebyeee.


P Ä L S M Ö S S A.

Bara för att det är en på bilden.

I felt like smiling. Yeah I got braces.

Fuckin' bus.

I just hate waiting on the bus, you just have nothing to do ! And on Friday's I have to wait on the bus 2 hours after school. That sucks, seriously. 50 more minutes to go. Time would go faster if here would be someone with me. But waiting alone.. klsgdanjh svjdmgkbhs. I just wanna go home, eat, and then go to sleep. Would be really nice, but no, here I'm sitting alone in the classroom, waiting for the time to fly. I don't know how they've planned these bus-timetabels.. Because my school ends at 14:20, okey today like 14:00 because the older students had a fashionshow and some of my classmates was in the other show, that the beautificians had planned. We have "Open Doors" at out school tomorrow so I get to wake up 06:00 on a Saturday. If someone doesn't understand what I mean by "Open Doors", well it means that anyone can come and see what your school have to offer, like different professions. And our school had kinda a lot. Well anyway, that's how my weekend looks. But I think it's going to be nice and fun probably. You really get time to think about what you're going to write when you sit in a silent classroom :D. Oooh, 45min left. What should I do ! I have nearly nothing to do. Just being on Facebook and listen to people when they walk by. Though I bet no one is going to read this whole shit, it's getting pretty boring. I KNOW.
Here I am, at school. And I don't know wtf I'm doing.


-32 !

Hej hej hej ! Idag har det varit en helt okej dag, om man inte pratar om vädret. -32 grader ! Herregud. Welcome to Finland, maybe we do have polarbears and penguins? Okej, nej. Det har vi tyvärr inte. Vann dessutom fribiljetter till Vappugospel ! Som är en festival ordnat på valborg i Kouvola som ligger i Södra Finland! Så slipper och se Demon Hunter gratis ;) Oh yeaaahh.

Irkku & Sanny!



I just love to draw pin-up-figures. They're so the 50's and so cool :> Here's a few of my works !

Too cold.

Det är väldigt kallt just nu här i mellersta Finland ! På morgonen visade mätaren -26 C ! :(((((( Och försov mig, once again, så for inte till skolan alls. Men alltså att gå och vänta på bussen 6:55 varje morgon i den där kylan känns inte bra alls ! Har dock inte gjort så mycket idag, ritat för det mesta pin-up-figurer, bild kommer ! För ska ha till min 50's café :)))))))) Är så excited över det. Men som sagt skriver senare mera !
Höhö mememe.