"Been smiling the whole day".

So it's been Valentine's Day today. Though I'm single, and it didn't really happen anything special, I had some great moments ! And I've been smiling the whole day. I'm really happy over that I got some great friends and they really have proved that they care !
Without them I would have that lonely feeling, when you don't have anybody.. when you feel completely alone. Of course I've thought about it today also, but as I said, I've been smiling the whole day.
About my day then, well, I overslept, AGAIN. Every f*ckin' Tuesday, I don't get it. I only do that on Tuesdays. There must be something wrong with me.
Well, when I came an hour too late we had the press to come over to our school. They wanted to interview us about the upcoming Culture Club-season. They who don't about Culture Club can read about it here in Swedish, English or Finnish :)
Than I had 3 hours off, had no classes before 14:30, okey. I didn't go to the last lesson. I just wanted to go home and sleep. Lazyyyyyy :D Well yeah.
After school I slept, woho. Then I woke up at 17:30 and about an half hour later I was supposed to meet my friend in Kokkola city and we went to a local pizzeria. It was really nice! Had fun.
And then I got 2 Valentine's Day.gifts. If I'm not counting hugs.. :)

I didn't want it pink because it looks stupid with my red hair, but it's okey ! :) And I don't know why the picture is that way.. but it will remain that way :')
And now I'm thinking about going to sleep, agaaaain. I'm really really really tired. So goodnight people !

Once again ! I hope you all had a very fun Valentine's Day !

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