It's really happening.

Yes. I AM MOVING. I'm finally moving. This is awesomeness. I'm not even sure if it's a word, I doubt it. BUT WHO CARES. This girl is moving to her own apartment tomorrow. You just don't know how excited I am. :D:D

Before Culture Club/School.

I was the whole day in Jakobstad/Pietarsaari yesterday. So we had a lot of fun with my friends before Culture Club !

More about Culture Club 28.3.2012 later !



The 27th March 1995, a girl was born with completely black hair and blue eyes in Södertälje, Sweden..
well, now she's 17. End of story.

And atm I'm packing and cleaning up. I hopefully get to move this weekend so there's an awful mess in my room :'D


Now shortly about the weekend. It was pretty crazy, met a lot of new people and had a lot of fun ! Thank you everybody :) I was in Pietarsaari/Jakobstad this weekend at my friend Tekla : > And yeah, we were on a few adventures :'D 


That fire.

Sooo atm I'm in schooooool. Soon we are going to have presentations, mine is about Autism and autistic children. What you read about them is actually pretty sad. Well, life is hard..
Later today we are going to the bank and see how it's going to be with my whole moving-thing. I'm soooo excited, you have no ideaaa.




..soon Culture Club !

Wednesday 14.3.

We are at our classroom with Tekla, waiting for Culture Club to begin. Here's our food !!
Some other pictures from today.
My breakfast.





Daniela, Rosanna & me.

Tekla, Daniela & Rosanna.

Tekla, Daniela & Rosanna.

Daniela, Rosanna & me.

Our class.

Tobias, me, Rosanna & Tekla.

Rosanna took my camera, again :D

Rosanna, Tobias & me.                


New pants.

Bought new pants for once ! Today I've been to the city shopping and so on with my little brother. Then we just photographed. And now I'm way too lazy to start cleaning up my room. Awesomeness.