I don't have the strength atm to write about today, but here's a few pics. The 3 first is of Tekla painting her shoes and the last of me just looking stupid :)

My Soul To Take

 Atm I'm sitting at school doing a Powerpoint presentation about Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park. It would be so cool to go there ! ROCK N' ROLL PEOPLE.

Then about a pretty good movie I saw last week, see it people !

Well yeah, back to schooooooool C:


The Cabin in the Woods.

This Sunday has not been that boring. We went out to take some photos and then later we went to the movies. The movie was The Cabin in the Woods.. it has to be the weirdest movie I've ever seen seriously.

And then the photos.


Culture Club 18.4.2012 + our fashionshow.

So, we had a fashion show with our class and some workers from Café After Eight. It was fun and scary at the same time. We had different themes and we made the clothes by ourself. So here's some pictures.

Daniela with the theme "Upstairs & Downstairs", and that was a mix of old and modern things.

Kristoffer, in my theme "Protest", punk, studs, graffiti and stuff like that.

The group "Supersport", it was a mix of circus and sporty clothes. Anna-Karin, Marie & Atte.

Tekla, and the theme "Pure".

The whole group of "Tangerine Tango" and Rosanna from "Protest".

Anna-Karin & Marie, "Supersport".

Rosanna, "Protest".

To the left, Lea from "Retro Futurism" and to the right Sanny and Mari from "Tangerine Tango" and Fatma from "Future Perfect"

Irkku from "Tangerine Tango"

Here we have Irkku and little Alva from "Tangerine Tango", Fatma and Josefin from "Future Perfect".

Tobias from "Future Perfect".

Roope with my "Protest"-glasses.

Sanny, Fatma & Josefin.

Daniela, "Upstairs & Downstairs".

Sabina, "Upstairs & Downstairs".

Rosanna, "Protest".

The whole "Protest"-group with our protest-signs ! Sam, Rosanna, Azel, me & Kristoffer.

 Always remember: MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR.


Here is the "Tangerine Tango"-group and our groupleaders in the background.

Me & Tekla after the show !



6 hours left until the fashion show.. I'm seriously going to die. Because it's coming people there I know and everythiiiing, this is going to be so embarrassing.. :C


School today.

Heeeey. Me and my homemade-glasses for the fashionshow tomorrow! I'm so nervous : <
We have this fashionshow with everyone from Musiccafé After Eight, where I go to school. I don't really want to go on the catwalk before many people.. that's just not my thing. Well Idk.. I hope it'll turn out good.



I woke up in Kokkola today, were there to visit my mom, dad and siblings. So came "home"(apartment) a while ago by bus and I have nothing to do. I'm sitting on the floor listening to Attack attack! No school today either, I'm just going there to eat and see what the teachers are going to do about my failed mathclass.. Hopefully I get everything right before the Summer Holidays ;o

Attack Attack !



For now the weekend has been good. Yesterday was weird but nice anyway! It's been a little bit of cleaning up and stuff now. But that's life, now we're hoping for a great night with some friends !
And a little bit of Asking Alexandria !

PS. I know I don't write that much atm but it will change, and my English isn't that good :'D



It's been quiet a while again. Sorry for that ! The reason for not writing anything in here is not that good. BUT if I have to explain myself I would say that it has happened a lot, good and bad things, but I just can't write about them here. I've had fever and stuff like that, we've seen a lot of people and had really boring nights too. But yesterday we had some friends, Rosanna & Mattias, at our place, it was pretty fun :)) PHOTOS FROM THE PAST WEEK.
The view from our balcony.

Hehehe, pizza is unhealthy.


Tekla sad.

Tekla happy.

We are making waffles !

Tekla & Mattias.

He's hiding.

You can't look good in the middle of the night....

Me & Rosanna.

Tekla strikes a pose.

We got invited to the church !