Me, the past 3 years.

I got nothing to do so, I found some old pictures and wanted you to see how I've changed the past three years. Well here's the pictures, some is really really really old and some newer. HAHA. so 2010, 2011 and 2012.


If we're going to be honest, yesterday sucked. Had nothing to do. So, what to do when there's no one outside to be with or nothing to do at home? SUPERNATURAL it is. I'm kinda addicted to it at the moment. In some way it's just so fun to watch ! Seriously one of the best series there is.

Well, now Im about to go and wash some clothes. And tonight it will be Klacken Party ! Just hoping the weather will get better.. because it will suck to stand there in the rain. So I wish you all a good Saturday ! Bye.


Some updating and stuff.

I haven't had anything to do today so I've only been on the computer.. and my cheeks are like 10 times bigger than they should be after the surgery :C and it still hurts and I don't wanna show my face to anyone. Okey so, I've updated the layout in my blog now, because I've read through really really really many different blogs today and I wanted a change.



This is kinda fun. I've heard from a few people who I look like a little bit. Like a few seconds ago :DD One compared me to Hayley Williams in Paramore.

This photo and this video :')

Then another person they say I look like is Liz Lee from 'My Life as Liz'




Now the surgery is over.. it did hurt so bad, it still hurts, and it will hurt the next 12 hours.. :C Now I can't feel my mouth.. A pretty sight, believe me !

And now I'm going to sleep ! Yeah, bye.


Back in Kokkola.

Yeah, I just got home from town. For once I bought some things ! So now I'm sitting at my parents place and just chillin' with my little brother. Tomorrow I'm off to the dentist and they are going to do a mouthsurgery to me :C fml.


Just sitting outside.

Yeah, I'm on the balcony. Sitting under a blanket with hot chocolate, my computer and a candle. I should sleep already.. tomorrow work again.


24.6.12 ~

Photoshoot with Teklaaaa C: funfunfun. I'm sorry for stealing your profilepic C:


Picnic at the beach.

Me and my friend/roommate Tekla got the bright idea to go with her scooter to McDonald's and then go and eat the food at the beach. It wasn't that good idea though.. THANK YOU BIRDS FOR THAT. They wanted our food :C Then I get to drive home, and I have no license to drive anyting so you can imagine how stupid it looked when I drove.. but yeah, that was a fun night : )


It's been quiet here again, and I'm sorry for that. But I can't blog on my own computer.. there's some problems with the internetconnetion. Well well here's some pictures anyway from last Saturday when we were in Powerpark, Alahärmä, with my family C:

Mom and my little sister Lisa.

Watch out for the dinosaurs !

My bro.

My little sister and dad.


My homie !

Dad and I.

Don't mind my face.

Little Lisa.

Crazy people.

You really can notice that we are related.

Lisa and dad.

My cutie.


S.K.A.T.E. 31.5.12 ~

We arranged an skate-event at Tupis, which is a place for kids and teens a while ago. Finally I've edited the pictures from there so here they come.

Tekla & Rosanna.

My brotheeeer, Joakim.

Weee, hohoho.




Rosanna & me, lookin' good as always !!