3.7.12 ~

Sooo, I got absolutely nothing to write about. I haven't done anything today that I could tell about. The weather has been good though, really really really warm.. and everybody do care about the weather...mmmhm.
I seriously don't know what I'm going through right now. Some kind of.. okey, no. I have no idea. Something's wrong though. I have the "I-just-wanna-hide-from-the-world"-feeling. Not good, not good at all. There's just some "parts" in my life that aren't right. Things aren't like I want them to be. 
Just hoping this feeling will go over soon, I really don't need more drama in my life. 
It's always like this, when something gets better, something else get worse. And you really start thinking what's important in life. 
You don't live forever, so why waste time on things that really doesn't matter ?

"I've been me, I've been followin' my dreams.
I've been true, I've been waiting here for you,
I've been patient, understanding and believing.
I've been good, I've been doin' what I should.
I've been strong, I've been holdin' out so long.
Workin' so hard on a world that we can live in,
I won't let you down."

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