So we did a little partying last night, it was pretty fun!
Thank you everyone!

And now I'm gonna clean up a little bit and start picking out clothes for tonight! Have a fun weekend everyone!


" Day after day, time pass away
and I just can't get you off my mind
Once again I'm thinking about, taking the easy way out
But if I let you go, I will never know
what my life would be, holding you close to me
Will I ever see you smiling back at me
How will I know if I let you go? "



Oh I'm so tired right now. This day has passed by so fast, I don't even remember what I did this morning. Well, 9:35 I went to school, little late as always.. hhmmhm. And then at the end of the day we had a photosession with the local band YAM! and that was nice, pretty cold though with the wind blowing. But pictures will come up later! :)
Then after school we came straight home and I started cleaning and going through my closet.. oh God how much clothes I have. So off to the secondhandshop tomorrow and rent a table! 
And at 19:00 we went off to our dancepractise. Now my muscles are so tired and my legs are really in pain :'> BUT THAT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT! 
Now I'm going to take a bath and just chill the rest of the night! Take care people.


Boring weekend.

Why is it always like this? Lately the weekends has been so fucking boring.. there's like no people anywhere, the town is alost empty. The friends I used to hangout with last summer has like dissapeared, not literally dissapeared, but from my life. no contact or anything? Everything went so well when I moved here! Now.. it just as empty and not that different from home, sitting alone in a room at the computor listening to music, no friends coming over like _ever_. What changed? EVERYBODY COME BACK, GIVE ME THAT SUMMERFEELING AGAIN. PLEASE. 
So we are probably going out tonight to see if there's some people we know and like that, if there isn't, whick is the ay it probably is, I'm seriously coming home to sleep, no matter what the clock is. It happens more in my dreams then in my life.


Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz

It was so long time ago! I'm like going through every song I listened on a few years ago, this really reminds me of old times.


Mötley Crüe

One of the best bands in the world. Rock on.


So I decided to update my blogdesign, what do you think? A new header is on it's way too! 
I just thought that it's time to change, well, let's see what I'm about to do (:


Opinions OPINIONS!!

Yeah this is my luck once again! I'm at home in my bed, in fever and I have a huge headache. Awesome, got to love this. While being here by myself I started thinking. 

One thing I thought about was if my blog is "too dark"? With that I mean the background and yeah, does the colors affect the readers? Like when you click the blog up, then you see that it's black, likeeee.. is it interestesting anymore? Or is it like "Oh I can't read this, too boring" If you have a opinion or an idea how to make this blog more interesting, just comment please!

Another thing I wanna know if you got any good fashionblogs on your mind? Because I really wanna follow that kind of blogs, people with unique styles! So comment, if you know any!

Then the third thing; I would wanna start videobloging! Do you think it's a good idea? Because I talk very often to myself, so why wouldn't I videotape it since I got a camera? Okey, this sounds stupid, but I could try (:



One of these depressed moments.

I'm so down right now, I'm nearly crying. I hate my life, I hate the fact that I always become abandoned in one way or another. I miss the moments in my life when I was truly happy, I had someone by my side that I trusted and loved. Now there's just a shadow left. My shadow. And I don't wanna be here alone. I just wanna be happy again. Okey, now I'm crying. The feeling you get when you actually need someone, and that person isn't there anymore. That's horible. You just know you're doomed to be alone.There's no such thing as 'LOVE', not for me. That thing has been proved many times. Relationships are never simple.. not for me. I just wanna feel loved, wanna feel happy, wanna feel that someone truly cares.. but that is apparently too much to ask.


So this weeks theme is GRAFFITI. awesomeness. So here's two paintings I did, it was really fun and I can't wait until tomorrow.

The one on the left side is still not ready :)

Nickelback&Daughtry consert in Helsinki 16.9.12~

So Saturday the 15th we went to Helsinki by car with my mom, brother, my moms friend and her husband. We were there for 3 days. And it was awesome, on Saturday we did a little shopping, and shopping again on Sunday morning, and Sunday night it was like an explosion when we went to Hartwall Arena to see Nickelback and Daughtry playing, IT WAS SO GOOD! They were both for the first time in Finland and I really hope they noticed how much fans they have here and come many times ! Then on Monday morning we went shopping again and took some photos, and we were just driving around in the city, little bit of sightseeing, before we were about to drive home again. But that's seriously what I call a good weekend.

Me at the Hotel.

A graffitiartist we saw in town and his art, so beautiful!
FORUM- mall.
The known statues outside the trainstation.
Inside the trainstation.
My brother.
..and his crazy sister.
The redheaded person.
The famous church in Helsinki.
So these have a very bad picture and you can hear me singing in the background, really sorry for that :'D but here they are!