Boring weekend.

Why is it always like this? Lately the weekends has been so fucking boring.. there's like no people anywhere, the town is alost empty. The friends I used to hangout with last summer has like dissapeared, not literally dissapeared, but from my life. no contact or anything? Everything went so well when I moved here! Now.. it just as empty and not that different from home, sitting alone in a room at the computor listening to music, no friends coming over like _ever_. What changed? EVERYBODY COME BACK, GIVE ME THAT SUMMERFEELING AGAIN. PLEASE. 
So we are probably going out tonight to see if there's some people we know and like that, if there isn't, whick is the ay it probably is, I'm seriously coming home to sleep, no matter what the clock is. It happens more in my dreams then in my life.

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