One of these depressed moments.

I'm so down right now, I'm nearly crying. I hate my life, I hate the fact that I always become abandoned in one way or another. I miss the moments in my life when I was truly happy, I had someone by my side that I trusted and loved. Now there's just a shadow left. My shadow. And I don't wanna be here alone. I just wanna be happy again. Okey, now I'm crying. The feeling you get when you actually need someone, and that person isn't there anymore. That's horible. You just know you're doomed to be alone.There's no such thing as 'LOVE', not for me. That thing has been proved many times. Relationships are never simple.. not for me. I just wanna feel loved, wanna feel happy, wanna feel that someone truly cares.. but that is apparently too much to ask.

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