I've had a chill halloween-evening at After Eight. The second Culture Club-night ! The theme was horror. We heard 3 horrorstories that my classmates told to the audience. Then we watched the first horrormovie ever from 1922 'NOSFERATU'. But it's really more like a comedy than a horrormovie.


Didn't mean to fuck you over.

Today it's only been work and chilling. Haha.. always chilling. But yeah. I'm really tired right now, and the clock isn't even 20:00. I really don't know what to write about. I started on my photowallproject :') I will show you later what that is about.
But listen to this song, it gives you a good feeling though the lyrics are a little bit sader.




So I've had my first day at work today. 
This is the result:
Haha stylish, I know.
Well.. it was ok to be there where I am. The people there are nice, but I don't have that much to do yet. I guess I'm going to plan a poster and the christmasfair : >



Yesterday was fun, we were at Casper's place to celebrate his birthday with a lot of people! 



So yesterday it was the seasonopening for Culture Club! There was the aqoustic band Timshel. And the feeling there was good as always. It was good for the first night!

Now I should read for my test that I have tomorrow.. yeah, after the shower.

I'm trying out a new photoeditingprogram right now, funfunfun.



I started to think about my past. And now I've noticed that I don't hate my look so much anymore, compared to what I did before. I'm more confident now. I don't know if it's because I'm older now or just because I've changed so damn much from how I was before. I can say, without lying, I've changed so damn much. And my personality has changed too, ever since I moved here. I guess it's good, for example. I'm still shy, but not as shy as I was before. Now I manage to talk to strangers, not always, but most of the time. I don't know why I'm writing about this, I just want to. I don't know and I don't think there's many people who are truly interested in my life, or what I'm writing about. But I just need to write this down. 
Moving here was the biggest change in my life so far I think. To become more independent and take care of your own stuff. Without mommy and daddy who's there all the time telling you what to do. I think I've managed pretty well. Some conflicts yes, but there always is. 
I just wanna write that I'm glad for who I am and who I've become. And I hope other people are too. 


First schoolday

So the schoolphotos finally arrived. Enough about that. 
First day in school after the Autumn Holidays. In some way I've missed it but then in the other hand I hate it, really hate it. To wake up early and try to get in time.. some teachers just complaining.. really not motivating.
And then we went to the secondhandstore and left some clothes there.
Nothing else todaaaay.. how boring. 
Now soon to the dancepractice!


Happy weekend.

For once I did really enjoy the weekend. On Friday we were to the movies and on Saturday I had a guest, who I've waited a long time to see him. I had a really nice time and yeah, really happy right now.
Right now I'm sitting alone in the apartment. It's really dark. For some reason there's no electricity working in the livingroom/my room or in the bathroom. So this is just a little bit scary to be here alone. Just trying to keep the music on all the time so I don't get paranoid and hear something I don't wanna hear :') 
This is the last holiday, tomorrow it's back to school. I DON'T WANT TO. I don't have any motivation to study. Why is it so damn hard to get motivation for something like this? I want to be good in school, I want to get good grades. But without the motivation.. well, it's just bad, really bad. 
But I'm going to get through this, with style. I have to.
But now, I will end this post with some musicvideos that I'm lookin'/listenin' at right now. Have a great Sunday!


Paranormal Activity 4

So today we we're to the movies with Tekla and Mattias. It was the first time they showed the movie, in other words, it was the moviepremiere. I don't think it was good, pretty much waste of money. I did expect more from it. I've only seen the first and the third one but the only thing that got me scared was the soundeffects, it's so different from what you hear when you watch it online. Okey, some scenes did scare me, I can still feel it in my stomach.. But I blame the soundeffects. 

Well. enough about that. Tomorrow I have a lot to do
  • The final cleaning
  • Going to the secondhandshop with some stuff and put all -50% 
  • Throw out some old newspapers
Yeah that was probably about it. I'm nervouuuuus.



I'm afraid. 
Really afraid this time. 
Of being abandoned. 
After all the previous times. 
I don't want to.
Don't want to feel that again.
But I have the feeling that I'm about to go through that again.
All the pain.
What am I supposed to do?
Just let it be?
Just to not care?
I can't.
I can't abandon anyone.
It's always me.
Who gets abandoned.
The only thing I want.
Is to feel loved.
Know that someone truly cares.
I'm not a toy.
I have feelings.



It hasn't happened very much today. Slept very late and haven't done nearly anything. I decided to clean the apartment, but the cleaning didn't last long so.. Well, we went to leave some stuff at the secondhand shop with Tekla and she found something to buy. Which reminds me that I haven't showed you guys the clothes I bought in Vasa.. Whoops.
Tomorrow I'mgoing to Kokkola and see how things are there. And to see some friends, so if anyone wants go take a cup of coffee and just chill and talk about life or something, let me know. :)


So. I'm trying out my new phone. I wanted to write something.. Don't know why. Hey eveyone! Oh well, this was random.
And then I wanted to tell you guys that I've learned to use Instagram.. Haha. So follow me; Ulzz95 :)


So we we're to Vasa today. Said it three times now :') Did some shopping and found some pretty clothes. I didn't take any pictures though I had my camera with me.. I was too lazy. I'm going to show the clothes tomorrow. Then I got my phone, finally. It is going to take a while before I'll learn to use it. But now I'm going to watch a movie and go to sleep.


Well.. I can't sleep. I did that mistake that I fell aslepp at 19:00 something, and woke up at 01:40...BUT I WAS SO TIRED. and now I've been awake since then. Sooooo I watched a movie called Gothika.. didn't quite understand why it's called that. But it was okey. Here's the trailer.

Now I'm just surfing on Facebook and chilling in my bed. Pretty boring this time of the day. I want it to be morning! I wanna go to Vasa already. Spend some money. I want a new piercing, I mean jewellery. But I want a navel piercing though, would be nice <: Well now I'm finally gonna try sleeping.. with some good music that I can't get out of my head.

Updating, once again.

Well once again I've updated by blogdesign. While I was doing this I noticed that my Picasa Webalbum, where all the pictures go from my blog, was full. So if someone is going to read some old posts from 2011, you're not able to see the pictures. They are all deleted. Just because I'm going to load up new ones :) Just wanted to tell you about it! 
Tomorrow morning me, my mom, my grandama, Joakim & Tekla, are going to Vasa to do some shopping and stuff like that. I wanna find some new winterclothes! So, I'm excited. And I get my new phone to, Samsung Galaxy Xcover. I hope it's good. My old phone was the best phone I ever had, Samsung Genoa, but it broke. You're not able to hear anything from it except with headphones, so that sucks. And now I'm going to continue my sleeping. Goodnight people!


Schoolphotos preview.

I hate the fact that my hair looks brown, though it's red. I want a pic with RED hair, not that ugly brown thing. Next year I'm going to color it right before the photo is taken! Or something. But I'm pretty happy with it, it's one of the first schoolphotos I have you can actually look  at.. :D
My two classes. The first one is definitely the best class you can have!
The photos are bad quality because I took them straight from the internet on the local photographers website, but I'll take a better picture later!


Cirkuskalaset 2012 is over !

It's over. It's hard to believe but it's over. It has been a long week with unicycles, flowersticks, diabolo, yeah, everything, it's been hard and tough. But I'm going to miss it! I wanna thank everyone for being there and the artists for the show! It's been fun and I'm going to miss you.