Happy weekend.

For once I did really enjoy the weekend. On Friday we were to the movies and on Saturday I had a guest, who I've waited a long time to see him. I had a really nice time and yeah, really happy right now.
Right now I'm sitting alone in the apartment. It's really dark. For some reason there's no electricity working in the livingroom/my room or in the bathroom. So this is just a little bit scary to be here alone. Just trying to keep the music on all the time so I don't get paranoid and hear something I don't wanna hear :') 
This is the last holiday, tomorrow it's back to school. I DON'T WANT TO. I don't have any motivation to study. Why is it so damn hard to get motivation for something like this? I want to be good in school, I want to get good grades. But without the motivation.. well, it's just bad, really bad. 
But I'm going to get through this, with style. I have to.
But now, I will end this post with some musicvideos that I'm lookin'/listenin' at right now. Have a great Sunday!

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