Paranormal Activity 4

So today we we're to the movies with Tekla and Mattias. It was the first time they showed the movie, in other words, it was the moviepremiere. I don't think it was good, pretty much waste of money. I did expect more from it. I've only seen the first and the third one but the only thing that got me scared was the soundeffects, it's so different from what you hear when you watch it online. Okey, some scenes did scare me, I can still feel it in my stomach.. But I blame the soundeffects. 

Well. enough about that. Tomorrow I have a lot to do
  • The final cleaning
  • Going to the secondhandshop with some stuff and put all -50% 
  • Throw out some old newspapers
Yeah that was probably about it. I'm nervouuuuus.

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