Updating, once again.

Well once again I've updated by blogdesign. While I was doing this I noticed that my Picasa Webalbum, where all the pictures go from my blog, was full. So if someone is going to read some old posts from 2011, you're not able to see the pictures. They are all deleted. Just because I'm going to load up new ones :) Just wanted to tell you about it! 
Tomorrow morning me, my mom, my grandama, Joakim & Tekla, are going to Vasa to do some shopping and stuff like that. I wanna find some new winterclothes! So, I'm excited. And I get my new phone to, Samsung Galaxy Xcover. I hope it's good. My old phone was the best phone I ever had, Samsung Genoa, but it broke. You're not able to hear anything from it except with headphones, so that sucks. And now I'm going to continue my sleeping. Goodnight people!

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