New header.

Had a little photoshoot on my own.

Starry Eyed.

So just sitting at work doing nothing once again. And then I forgot my memorycard at home so I can't load up the pictures from the Christmas Opening in Kokkola or the Fashionshow MultiKultiLives! but I'm trying to get them here as soon as I can. 
Now here's a good song !


Christmas Calendar.

So atm I have to do a Christmas Calender at work. Now I've wrapped up 24 Christmasboxes for 24 local stores so they can put it in their showcase and show the customers what they could win when they participate in the Calendar. So everybody in little Pietarsaari, go to one of these local stores and write your name on a lottery ticket and you could win a Christmasgift ! You'll find the prize on one of these boxes I made, in one of the 24 stores window !


Just because I'm bored.

 +Single or taken?- TAKEN.
  +Do you have a crush? - YES.
  +Do you think he could be yours? - HE'S ALREADY MINE
  +Do you like kissing? - YES.
+Do you wanna get engaged? - SOMETIME YES.
+when you start dating, what's important :
[x] Personality [x] Looks [ ] Age
+have you broken someone's heart? - yes.
+ have you done anything you regret? - well ofc, many things.
+ have you cried for someone? - yes.
+ have you heard something lovely this week? - haha yes.
+ are you happy with yourself? - at the moment actually yes.
+ are you happy with your life? - I guess I can say yes this time.
+ have you lost someone important? - actually no, not really.
+ have you cried yourself to sleep? - many times.
+ how are your friends? - they're the best friends you can have, love you guys !  
+ Are missing someone atm? - YES, Jonas  
+ If you're missing, can you take it? - Haha no, not really. But I have to !
+ What made you cry last time you did? - I missed a person.
+ When was the last time you laughed? -  Eeehm yesterdaaay.
+ When was the last time someone hugged you? - On Saturday niiiight.
+ When was the last time you hurted yourself? - Haha no idea.
+ What are you waiting on?- Eehm, I would say the Christmas holidays(Christmaseve+NewYearseve), for my 18th birthday & Summer!



This is the kind of music I always listened to with dad when I was little in our Buick Riviera 1971. 
Oh why can't I be little again !



So this day has gone by really fast. I woke up at 6.45 and laid in bed until 7.40 :') Then I went to work and did some paperwork and paid the bills. Then I came home to eat and watch Scrubs, and then to the schoolnurse, for private reasons. And after that home again and more Scrubs. Then my classmate and good friend Fatma called and asked if she, Malin and me could grab(?) a coffee. Then I came home and was with Tekla & Anna-Sara a while. And we got so hungry with Tekla that we went to McDonald's haha. The story of my day.



So I stole this list from my friends blog www.colorfulzombie.blogspot.fi CHECK IT OUT!
But yeah, I'm going to do this list now because I've nothing to do at work at the moment so. Let's start.
No 1: 
Your profilepicture which have most LIKES on Facebook.

No 2: 
A picture of a person who knows most about you.

No 3: 
A important person in your life.

No 4: 
A song that means a lot.

No 5: 
A picture from a time you miss.
No 6: 
4 pictures of you, 2 old and 2 new.

No 7:
Today's outfit.
 No 8: 
A picture from last summer.

No 9: 
My phones background.
No 10: 
A kiss or hug pic on you and somebody else.
No 11: 
Favourite quotes.

'If it's illegal to rock and roll,
then throw my ass in jail!' 
-Kurt Cobain

'If all you're doing is remembering the past,
there's something wrong with your life.'
-Nikki Sixx   
No 12: 
A picture that shows love.
No 13: 
A picture that makes you smile.
No 14: 
A picture of you and a grown up person.

No 15: 
A picture of you and someone in your family.

No 16: 
My phone.

No 17: 
Something you want for Christmas.
No 18: 
Your newest picture of you on Facebook.
No 19:
A picture of you from yesterday.



So I've spend the weekend with my boyfriend and two of my best friends, it has been fun and I've really enjoyed it. Hope everyone else has had a wonderful weekend too!



Pictures of me, my grandpa, my mom, my dad and my friends from when I was little.