Just because I'm bored.

 +Single or taken?- TAKEN.
  +Do you have a crush? - YES.
  +Do you think he could be yours? - HE'S ALREADY MINE
  +Do you like kissing? - YES.
+Do you wanna get engaged? - SOMETIME YES.
+when you start dating, what's important :
[x] Personality [x] Looks [ ] Age
+have you broken someone's heart? - yes.
+ have you done anything you regret? - well ofc, many things.
+ have you cried for someone? - yes.
+ have you heard something lovely this week? - haha yes.
+ are you happy with yourself? - at the moment actually yes.
+ are you happy with your life? - I guess I can say yes this time.
+ have you lost someone important? - actually no, not really.
+ have you cried yourself to sleep? - many times.
+ how are your friends? - they're the best friends you can have, love you guys !  
+ Are missing someone atm? - YES, Jonas  
+ If you're missing, can you take it? - Haha no, not really. But I have to !
+ What made you cry last time you did? - I missed a person.
+ When was the last time you laughed? -  Eeehm yesterdaaay.
+ When was the last time someone hugged you? - On Saturday niiiight.
+ When was the last time you hurted yourself? - Haha no idea.
+ What are you waiting on?- Eehm, I would say the Christmas holidays(Christmaseve+NewYearseve), for my 18th birthday & Summer!

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