Now under the Christmas Holidays my blog hasn't been so active. I'm sorry for that. But after the holidays the blog will be full of new posts. Megaphotoposts like "MY CHRISTMAS" & "THE YEAR WAS 2012" :)) Just because I've been on a really stupid and slow computor I haven't had the chance to update that much, but it will change after New Year. I promise.



So I've colored my hair black. No red is left. It feels kinda naked, after 3 years of red hair it's gone. But I think I'll color it red next spring :') I can't live without it so long haha. Or something in that direction.


Christmas in the air

Yesterday my cute little sis had her preschool christmas party(?) or whatever you call it :') it was really pretty anyway !


Culture Club 12.12.12. FACELIFT

So today FACELIFT and UNDERCOVER was playing at After Eight. It was a bit sad that there was so little people, I think it was because of the premiere night of HOBBIT and some other school's christmasparty. Here's some pictures from the night!
fun night.


Say something.

So I decided to do another of my boring videos.. just to get your attention. I understand if you guys can't get what I'm saying on the video because my English sounds really stupid and not understandable. But I would want comments and questions so badly so I could do almost anything.. okey, now I'm just sounding desperate.. maybe I am a little desperate in one little way.. Just want you people to communicate with me. I'm not dangerous :'> Well yeah yeah, here's the weird video.
Oh God my eyes looks scary haha, the colors failed a little bit.


1 month.

So my 5-day-weekend started last Wednesday, so I went to Kokkola, as you see in the previous post. And on Friday Jonas drove to Kokkola to pick me up and then we went to Pietarsaari. And Saturday was our "1-month-day" haha. Well yeah, so we celebrated it with good food, movies and just enjoying each others company. And we did a little Christmas decorating.



So atm I'm in Kokkola and just chilling with my family. Today's the Finnish Independence Day, so we are watching the show from the presidents "castle".. Tomorrow I will go back to Pietarsaari to be with my boyfriend, on Saturday we are celebrating that we've been 1 month together ❤ I miss him so much. 



Just sitting here editing some photos I've taken.


Some pictures that Johannes took.

Bored at work again.


So I thought I could do some "advertising" for a blog everybody in my class are writing in. This is just because people don't really know what we "Youth- and leisureinstructors" do, so just to give the worlsd(or little Pietarsaari) a wider look on what's happening in our lives! Check it out.