Say something.

So I decided to do another of my boring videos.. just to get your attention. I understand if you guys can't get what I'm saying on the video because my English sounds really stupid and not understandable. But I would want comments and questions so badly so I could do almost anything.. okey, now I'm just sounding desperate.. maybe I am a little desperate in one little way.. Just want you people to communicate with me. I'm not dangerous :'> Well yeah yeah, here's the weird video.
Oh God my eyes looks scary haha, the colors failed a little bit.

2 kommenttia:

  1. I want to talk about your utsmeta eyebrows. Neee, lol nu fittas jag bara...
    Om int du har na inspiration så tycker jag att du kan lägg mer outfit bilder :)))))))

    1. Vilken mobbare du e :(! Julia inte glad.
      Okej, bra idé ! : >