In January my camera wasn't that active, so I didn't found many pictures. But I guess that it didn't happen any special in that month either.
February was a pretty eventful month. We had a schoolproject where we had to do a specific theme in a box, and my theme was the 50's ! We also had a project to represent a new education at our school, doing some painting and decorating. In February there was also Valentine's day and we went to Tampere with my best friend Johanna and her family.
In March I turned 17. That was the time me and my best friend Tekla started partying and stuff like that, crazy times.. :) And on the winter holidays my friend Rosanna came to Kokkola and we did some cooking.. or atleast we tried.
In April I finally got to move to an own apartment with my best friend Tekla. The biggest change in my life so far. So we had a lot of friends over all the time and just enjoyed our time there until our neighbours complained. On Walpurgis Night I was in Kouvola with Johanna on VAPPUGOSPEL 2012, it was an awesome minifestival and I really got good pictures from there!
I don't remember all that happened in May, anyhow there was this event called LÅDBILS(boxcar)RALLY 2012, so we worked there. It was fun! Then we did a lot of photographing with Tekla. Also I got to see my oldest friend from Kokkola, Ida, so we grabbed a coffee and ice cream. I also picked out my dress for school ending, if you know what I mean.
In June the summer holidays began. So it was a lot of partying, we celebrated the schools out and this one party called KLACKEN PARTY 2012. We also went to Powerpark with my family. Really lovely month!
In July there was this big happening here in this small town, Jacob's days, a lot of partying and seeing everyone you know! Some really crazy stuff happened too. I also was to Ylivieska with my family and met my good friend Harri. Then we were at a yardsale with Tekla, and it wasn't a big success.
In August there was this happening in Uusikaarlepyy called JUTHBACKA MARKNAD, and there's a lot of people every year. We were there with Tekla, Anna-Sara and Amanda and had a great time. I was to Tampere also, for some stupid reason I don't really wanna talk about. And the school began again, so nice to see my classmates again! In the end of the month we celebrated a happening in Kokkola called VENETSIALAISET, and it was a crazy feeling there.HAHA SO FUN. Then we were at the cinema with Johanna watching the Madagascar 3 3D haha. In the end of the month there was also this every year happening in little Pietarsaari called SPOTLIGHT, which was awesome too.
In September I got a labret, finally. Haha. We were also to Helsinki with mom and my brother to see Nickelback and Daughtry. It was awesome. I just love Helsinki, and 1,5 year to go and then I'm about to move there. Can't wait. This ain't a surprise we had a lot of friends over once again and just 'party ooooon people!' Haha love you guys.
In October there happened not much more than you can see on the pictures. No snow yet, which was very surprising here in Finland. And we took the schoolphotos.
In November it happened a lot. As an example there was this happening in South Finland called KULTURKARNEVALEN 2012, we went there with a few friends from my class. And streetdance it was, funfunfun. I also were working instead of school, work practice or what should I call it. At school we also had a project called MULTIKULTILIVES! which was a fashionshow my other classmates made clothes to, it was awesome, and I think I finally came over my stage fright.
In November me and my boyfriend Jonas started to be together, love him so much.
As you see, in December I colored my hair BLACK, just a little at first then everything haha. There's a picture of Jonas too, and a drawing of me and him that my little sister drew, so cute. There was also Culture Club when I booked a band called Facelift, it wasn't such a success though, that was a little bit sad. But I had fun. Then I was at my little sisters Christmasparty. Haha.


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