Too much train

So we planned with my friend Johanna to go to Tampere for a day but it changed. We went to Helsinki instead! Here's some pictures.


The weekend

"I decided to do a vlog after a long time, and I don't know what I could talk about. But today it's Sunday, and I think Sundays are boring and you have nothing to do on a Sunday. What do you do on a Sunday? Sitting at home having a hangover or not, and just being on the computer. My weekend was so boring, it didn't happen anything and it was a long time ago it was this quiet here, just sitting at my apartment watching movies and eating myself fat. Haven't done anything. I really don't have a specific subject for this vlog, I just wanted to do a video because I have nothing to write about or anything. And because I have the schoolcomputer at home I just wanted to do this. If anyone has any questions or wishes.. No I'm not going to say this again, because so far I haven't got that many questions or comments or anything so I'm not going to ask people to do that anymore. Now I'm going to watch Supernaturals newest episode. This was just a little unecessary thing. I just have to comment on my voice, when I'm talking to the camera it sound really weird. I don't sound like this when I'm talking finnish with my friends or at the store or anything.. this is so weird.. Or it's not my voice it's more like the way I talk and which words I'm using. Maybe I'll do this again sometime, though I'm not going to do this in English because it sounds so weird, but in Swedish it can appear a vlog! But I think I'm going to do this in Finnish. But for those readers who are English or understand English better than Finnish or Swedish I'll but subtitles or writing what I'm talking about in the same post. But now 5 minutes is over so I'm gonna go, BYE!!"


Trying not to love you, only makes me love you more.
Trying not to need you, is tearing me apart.


Jag saknar dig så otroligt mycket

And our time apart, like knives in my heartHow could anyone ask for more?But if there's a pill to help me forgetGod knows I haven't found it yetAnd this kind of pain, only time takes awayAnd nothing I can do, without thinking of youThat's why it's harder to let you goSo I sit here divided, just talking to myselfWas it something that I did?Trying not to love you, only went so farTrying not to need you, was tearing me apartNow I see the silver lining, from what we're fighting forAnd if we just keep on trying, we could be much moreOh, yeah, trying not to love youOnly makes me love you more


So today has been pretty good, I even woke up for school today haha. No but the first two lessons we got to do our clothes ready for the MY MOVIE- project. And I made my studshirt ready, so excited <: I'm addicted to studs haha. After that we had lunch and then a lesson called "scenkonst" which would be straight translated Stageart but it's not like that, it's really hard to explain. But we planned the radioshow we are about to have next month in the school cafeteria.. It's going to be fun and awkward. I'm not a good talker but maybe I'll handle this good. Then we had physics, which was boring as usual.. but it can be interesting to, our teacher can easily be mislead by our stupid questions, so some lessons we don't even talk about the subject like it was meant. After school I went to drivingschool to unbook a lesson I would've had tomorrow but I can't make it because we're going to the movies with Music café After Eight to watch the movie Smanderoon(?) Haha can't even write the name of the movie, it's a movie about Pietarsaari anyway. 

There 'round 3 o'clock we went to the gym with Annica, after a really long break. And it felt awesome.. my condition wasn't as bad as I first thought. I would so want to go there more often because I really wanna get rid of my stomach haha. But yeah, we stayed there for 2,5 hour and it was really fun. You get so much more motivation when you're at a gym. I JUST WANNA GO BACK.

Now I'm at home chilling in pyjamas and I'm about to start writing a bookrecension for  tomorrows Swedish-lesson. I have a lot to do so I'm going to stop writing here. 

This was just a little updation, thihi, sorry for the long text <:


The weekend shortly

On Thursday-night, after we came home from Vaasa, my mom picked me up from Pietarsaari. And we went straight to the First Aid (hospital). Because I've not felt good these past weeks my mom thought it would be best to go to the doctor and find out what's really wrong with me, if it was my disease and it's symptoms that are coming back or something else.. All tests were good except the ECG.. There's something in my heart that's not correct. But after being at the hospital with all the tests taken and that stuff.

On Friday morning I went to school as normally, didn't feel well and didn't know all the results of the test. But I decided to not think about it that much. Stay positive, you know? After school I had my second driving lesson, and it went very well! I really enjoy driving. Then I went home and just chilled until Anna-Sara came over and we went for a coffee. On Friday there was also this happening at After Eight, FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE. And the band who played were really good, Satellite Stories! A finnish band from Oulu, I really recommend them!
We decided to spend Saturday night with Annica. It was fun! Though there were a couple bad moments that night too.. but let's not think about that.

So Annica slept over and the she went home in the morning. I spend my day mostly in bed but we we're to Lidl with Tekla and bought ice-cream.. yeah, we walked all over there to get some ice-cream haha. And then we had a little photoshoot on the way there too which was fun because we hadn't done that in a while !

New profilepicture


Tröjan du hatar

Hälsa ditt hjärta att allt är slut.
Jag kastar ut det sista av dig som finns kvar i mitt liv.
Jag kunde dö för dig.
Det finns saker jag saknar.
Så ha det bra, vi hörs, vi ses.
Den brinnande bilden av oss, håller mig varm.
Song by: Norlie & KKV