So today has been special. The first thing in the morning my dad and I went driving, first time when I got to drive the car on my own. Awesomeness. Can't wait. And it went very well, and it was fun. Hoping that I'm going to be a good driver in the future :')
After that we went to the cinema with my little sister, little brother, mom and grandpa. The movie was Rölli, which is a finnish movie of a forresttroll.. or how should I explain it. It's a movie for children anyway, but my grandpa has been a fan of Rölli ever since he saw it the first time. Haha. Love you, grandpa.

When we came home from the movies we went out with dad. Off to drive snowmobiles! That's so fun. Though I hurt myself this time when I lost control of the vehicle and went straight over a huge stone, past a tree, flew over the way right in the ditch and I hurted my foot pretty bad.. well, those things happen. I don't think the injury is that serious though.

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