So today has been pretty good, I even woke up for school today haha. No but the first two lessons we got to do our clothes ready for the MY MOVIE- project. And I made my studshirt ready, so excited <: I'm addicted to studs haha. After that we had lunch and then a lesson called "scenkonst" which would be straight translated Stageart but it's not like that, it's really hard to explain. But we planned the radioshow we are about to have next month in the school cafeteria.. It's going to be fun and awkward. I'm not a good talker but maybe I'll handle this good. Then we had physics, which was boring as usual.. but it can be interesting to, our teacher can easily be mislead by our stupid questions, so some lessons we don't even talk about the subject like it was meant. After school I went to drivingschool to unbook a lesson I would've had tomorrow but I can't make it because we're going to the movies with Music café After Eight to watch the movie Smanderoon(?) Haha can't even write the name of the movie, it's a movie about Pietarsaari anyway. 

There 'round 3 o'clock we went to the gym with Annica, after a really long break. And it felt awesome.. my condition wasn't as bad as I first thought. I would so want to go there more often because I really wanna get rid of my stomach haha. But yeah, we stayed there for 2,5 hour and it was really fun. You get so much more motivation when you're at a gym. I JUST WANNA GO BACK.

Now I'm at home chilling in pyjamas and I'm about to start writing a bookrecension for  tomorrows Swedish-lesson. I have a lot to do so I'm going to stop writing here. 

This was just a little updation, thihi, sorry for the long text <:

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