The weekend shortly

On Thursday-night, after we came home from Vaasa, my mom picked me up from Pietarsaari. And we went straight to the First Aid (hospital). Because I've not felt good these past weeks my mom thought it would be best to go to the doctor and find out what's really wrong with me, if it was my disease and it's symptoms that are coming back or something else.. All tests were good except the ECG.. There's something in my heart that's not correct. But after being at the hospital with all the tests taken and that stuff.

On Friday morning I went to school as normally, didn't feel well and didn't know all the results of the test. But I decided to not think about it that much. Stay positive, you know? After school I had my second driving lesson, and it went very well! I really enjoy driving. Then I went home and just chilled until Anna-Sara came over and we went for a coffee. On Friday there was also this happening at After Eight, FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE. And the band who played were really good, Satellite Stories! A finnish band from Oulu, I really recommend them!
We decided to spend Saturday night with Annica. It was fun! Though there were a couple bad moments that night too.. but let's not think about that.

So Annica slept over and the she went home in the morning. I spend my day mostly in bed but we we're to Lidl with Tekla and bought ice-cream.. yeah, we walked all over there to get some ice-cream haha. And then we had a little photoshoot on the way there too which was fun because we hadn't done that in a while !

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