Everything happens for a reason

I just feel the need to comment on this quote. I don't believe in it at all. Because everything that happens can't be explained and it doesn't always end well. I think some people really believe in this quote just because it makes dealing with life easier for them. Okey, positive thinking is good, can't deny that. It's just eehm.. okey, let's put it like this. I'm a person who can't think positive about everything or the future or anything like that, because I'm afraid to be dissappointed. Though I always do it, I mean positive thinking, I hope for the best and the next thing is that I find myself disappointed and down again. It's hard for me to have a positive attitude when there's so much bad in the past and generally in the world. Experiences that you never wanna experience.
'Everything happens for a reason' is like.. or for me.. it means that someone has already decided your fate. And then I'm starting to think about God.. Those people who believe in God, kinda thinks that their lives are already decided by him. I hate that thinking because, okey, I'm not religious or anything, but no hate towards religious people. It's just for me that I hate the thought of that someone has already decided what is going to happen in my life. Horrible. When you think of what you've already experienced earlier and someone has decided that that thing was meant to happen.. no, that just can't be true. All the horrible things, and someone has decided to make them happen..? That's just wrong, I hate thinking that way, and I hate the saying 'Everything happens for a reason'. It's like some people believes in accidents. An example is falling in love.. it could be kinda an accident? Can't it? If there was a reason to falling in love every single time you do it.. wouldn't it be weird to fall in love many times in different people and then someone says 'everything happens for a reason'. I feel like if there was a reason for falling in love it would be that you're falling in love with one single person and get to be with that person the rest of your life like yeah.. I think it's weird and that sentence doesn't make sence. Not to me. Haha. Now you got to read what's going on in my mind.

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