Something's wrong

I haven't updated in a while, haha. I think I updated too much in the beginning of this trip and now I'm tired of it. A small break I guess! I have pictures from our little trip to East Side Gallery that aren't published yet!
At the moment I'm just sitting here, thinking about everything that could be so much better. Ok, I'm in BERLIN, with my CLASS, and it's AWESOME. But I have a empty feeling inside.. I guess I feel lonely again. It happens too often nowadays you know, me sitting somewhere and just feeling so damn lonely. I don't know what I need. I don't know what I miss.
I need to cry. I feel it.
That is also a thing that happens way too often.. Crying. I don't wanna cry. But I do, without a reason.
Oh no, now this is one of those depressing posts.. I. Should. Stop. Now. Bye.


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