Last weekend ~ Jaakon Päivät

So last week was this event in Jeppis called Jaakon Päivät / Jakobs Dagar 2013, I wasn't there for the first days. But the weekend was a blast! It wasn't the best weekend, but there was times I had fun also!  Here's some pictures Anna-Sara send me ! So thank you Anni for them.


Should I sell stuff?

Okey this post is going to be in Swedish and Finnish because of the locals. Idk if it's such a big idea to write this down in English because I wanna get rid of some clothes, and if you're not living in Finland it may be hard to get the stuff haha.

Så jag vill veta er åsikt! Jag har mycket bandtröjor, kläder, töjningar, smycken och andra onödiga saker här hemma som jag skulle vilja bli av med före flytten. Så vad tycker ni, ska jag lägga upp lite bilder och priser på sakerna här på bloggen och ni kan se om ni ser nåt ni är intresserad av?

Noniin, eli haluun tietää mielipiteenne! Mulla on paljon bändipaitoja, vaatteita, venytyksiä, koruja ja muita mulle turhia asioita joista haluaisin päästä eroon ennen muuttoa. Joten mitäs mieltä ootte, laitanko tänne postauksen kuvia ja hintoja tavaroita ja voitte sitten nähdä jos löytyy jotain kiinnostavaa?



Just to write down some thoughts, I really feel that my life has finally changed to a positive direction. I feel much happier nowadays, than I did a few weeks ago. I'm braver and more positive. And I feel more positive about myself. Everything's good, and it's good right now.
Today I haven't done anything else than sitting outside. Now I'm going to colour my hair woho. So, a quick updation.

Helsinki Pride 2013

So because Helsinki Pride was the same time we we're there, I told Anna-Sara that I really wanna go there and be a part of this event. It's for a good thing! It was totally awesome seeing all those people standing there and showing everyone who they really are and really showing their support to gaypeople. They're human too, so why would anyone show hate on them. I think Helsinki Pride is a great event and if you guys have the chance to visit it or be a part of it sometime, SHOW YOUR SUPPORT AND DO IT. And just so you know, I'm straight, but this was an awesome experience. Keep the good work up!

First we went to do some shopping and eat. Always as fun! Then we found the parade.