Helsinki Pride 2013

So because Helsinki Pride was the same time we we're there, I told Anna-Sara that I really wanna go there and be a part of this event. It's for a good thing! It was totally awesome seeing all those people standing there and showing everyone who they really are and really showing their support to gaypeople. They're human too, so why would anyone show hate on them. I think Helsinki Pride is a great event and if you guys have the chance to visit it or be a part of it sometime, SHOW YOUR SUPPORT AND DO IT. And just so you know, I'm straight, but this was an awesome experience. Keep the good work up!

First we went to do some shopping and eat. Always as fun! Then we found the parade.

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  1. Grymt fin blogg med fina bilder! :) kram

    1. Åh man tackar! Det har du med :> kram