In the end

I'm completely lost with the days, confusing.
Well the weekend was much like the weekend before, just a little bit better. Friday we went with a bunch of people to Marie's to start drinking haha, then we continued to the bar with Annica. First we went to English Pub where we got to meet some old and new friends, which was very nice! Then we went to Socis and there we started dancing, and it was sooooo much fun! It just gets better week after week haha.
And I was mostly in bed hungover on Saturday, trying to feel sorry for myself.. or something. And then I went to Jeppis to spend some time with the armyboy Joni. Nice seeing him after a while!
Today I didn't do much, came home from Jeppis, went to buy my little sister some popcorn and then picked her and my brother up and we went to the movies. Despicable Me 2 haha, it was fun to spend some time with my siblings!
PS. I'm crazy about this song.

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