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Why am I so laaazy?
Seriously, I know have a lot of homework to do for tomorrow. I know I should start doing them after school. What do I do? I fall in my bed and sleep for a few hours. Waking up this late sucks. I haven't got anything done. I'm a bad student, a really bad student.
Right now my mission is to finnish all of my homework before midnight.. yaaay. Sounds like fun doesn't it?


Weekend in Jeppis

I've spend this weekend in Jeppis once again.
On Friday I stayed at school overtime to finish my painting. There was also Fatma and Daniela, then they started to talk about this swedish musical, Riskzon, that was in Vasa this weekend. So we decided to go there and also invite Anna-Sara. I really wanted to see that musical, though I normally don't go to that kind of stuff, but one of my best friends Tekla was in it, so it was nice to go there and support her! She was great.
Though we had some complications on the way and we were late from the first act, it was really nice visiting Vasa after a long time.
On our way home the party was in the car haha, it was so much fun. Right after we arrived to Jeppis again, we went to the bar to socialize with people. Later me and Fatma went to O'learys to see this cool guy playing old rocksongs. Then I went to Fatmas to get some sleep, and then 5 in the morning I get a call, and then I went to Jonis.
That was one complicated night.
On Saturday I went to Kovjoki to pick up Amanda and from there to Nykarleby to check Juthbacka out and pick up Anna-Sara. We were at her parents place for a while just chilling then we went back to Jeppis and called Mikki, so then we met up Mikki and Eric. We drived around town and just had fun! It was nice to see them after a while. I went pretty early from there to Jonis to spend some time with him too.
Today I've been really lazy, didn't get out of bed before 16:00.. yay. Just before I started to drive home I visited Anna-Sara and her cutie cat. A little girltalk and then I was on my way home after a really fun weekend!
Now I'm just sitting here trying to do some schoolwork haha, in the middle of the night. Fun? NO.

PS. Sorry for not having so many pictures nowadays. My cameras object is broken so I can't use it! I will fix it soon though.


A little photoshoot

Culture Club ~ Anybody interested?

Now I'm going to write this in Finnish and Swedish because this is a local event!

Nu är det dags igen för Culture Club vid After Eight! Sååå nu söker vi kulturmontörer artister, band, komiker, vad som helst egentligen, för att uppträda vid det mysiga cafeét i höst! Ta gärna kontakt med någon av oss om det finns intresse!

Nyt on jälleen Culture Clubin aika! Joten nyt me etsitään artisteja, bändeja, koomikkoja, ihan mitä vain oikeastaan, esiintymään tässä kodikkaassa kahvilassa tänä syksynä! Ottakaa toki yhteyttä jos kiinnostusta löytyy!

MORE INFO AT: www.aftereight.fi

At school

Sitting in school atm, waiting for this day to end. So far I've only painted today haha, and now we're having a security course, it's really boring though. Sooo we started gif:ing again haha.
I just can't wait for the weekend. If it's possible I want to spend the whole weekend in Jeppis, just need to get me some company! And a place to sleep. But I guess that's going to be fine.. I hope so.
But I don't think I got anything else to write here right now haha. C'ya.


Weekend Festival 2013 !

So this was the last festival for this summer, and it was awesome ! There were lots of people dancing and having fun, it was so nice. Party on!
After Weekend festival it was time to return home! So we jumped on the train to Kokkola in the morning. I just wanna thank everyone who kept me company through the weekend! And thanks to Weekend Festival 2013! Maybe next year again yay.
And Weekend Festival was also the last festival for this summer! Can't wait for next summer. So I' ve been at 3 totally awesome festivals this summer, PROVINSSIROCK, ROCK THE BEACH and ofc WEEKEND FESTIVAL. And they've all been awesome in their own way! Haha, just loving the festivallife!