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I haven't blogged as much as I should. But here's a quick update. Sitting at school right now, listening to Your Demise, yeaaah. I really though I'd be late today but I wasn't yay. But yeah, I have some trouble with the internet at home.. surprise surprise. So what have I been up to these past few days? I've unpacked my stuff in the apartment, not everything yet though, I'm slooow. Then I have a new photowall-project. Pictures will come up later! Yesterday I had a test in English at Jakobstads Gymnasium, sat there 4,5 hours writing it, not fun. Today my mom and grandmom are coming to visit me(bringing me food hoho). I just can't wait until tomorrowwwww.. it's Friday aaand I'm going to have a lot of fun! So that's shortly what's on my mind right now. Confusing haha.
+ I'm going to make a video of the upcoming weekend! It'll be fun.

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